Not your grandma's ping pong tournament.
Get into a new universe with fast paced action using unique special powers! Use slow motion bullet time effects and smash your opponent into oblivion!
Tournament Mode.
Compete against 8 unique characters in the funniest table tennis tournament ever! Unlock new cups, environments and trophy paddles with unique attributes to change the way you keep playing.
Challenge your friends.
With Survival mode, blast your friends scores in real time as your play! Thanks to our deep social networks integration and location aware leaderboard system.
Fluid and intuitive controls.
Just use your finger to hit the ball! Battle Spin feels like a window into a surreal ping-pong playing universe.
High end great looking 3d graphics.
Take advantage of your smartphone to power an awesome console-like experience anywhere you go!
Announcing Battle Spin! The ultimate ninja-friendly arcade sports game for mobile devices. Stay tuned as we reveal more features.
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